Our salads are made fresh upon your order using only the freshest ingredients available.  
It’s like eating from your own vegetable garden!

The China Clipper…$10.29
This beautiful mandarin chicken salad is prepared with juicy grilled chicken served over a bed of freshly chopped green leaf lettuce and doused with red onions, mandarin orange wedges, cashews, grated cheese, and dressed with raspberry vinaigrette. Delicious oriental influence!

Grilled Chicken Salad…$9.99
Juicy strips of hot grilled chicken on a fresh bed of lettuce, topped with olives, tomatoes, and red onions. Served with Ranch or honey mustard dressing.

Greek Goddess…$9.69
This Greek salad is served with freshly prepared ingredients: green leaf lettuce, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, pepperoncini, and a tangy Greek vinaigrette dressing.

Tuna Salad Platter…$8.99
A healthy blend of tuna salad on a bed of freshly chopped green leaf lettuce topped with sliced toma-toes and a slice of American cheese. Served with crackers and a side of potato salad. Refreshing!


Add a cup of soup or chili to any sandwich or Entrée for $3.75
Soup is seasonal and subject to availability

Cup …4.69
Cup of chili or selected soup of the day, served with crackers.

A bowl of soup or steaming hot chili served with grated cheddar cheese and diced onions. Both served with crackers, a potato roll, and margarine.


Unless otherwise noted, all sandwiches are served on a fresh sub roll. All entrées come with a pickle spear and choice of sides—coleslaw, potato salad, fruit cup or chips.

Lode Star Burger…$9.29
Named after the PVG based WWII era Lockheed C-60 “Lady Lode Star”, this classic 1/4 pound all-beef burger is topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and mayo on a sesame seed bun.

Mile-High Club…$9.29
This signature sandwich is loaded with crisp bacon, ham, turkey, American cheese, mayo, lettuce, and fresh hungry!

Turkey Sandwich…$8.69
A refreshing turkey sandwich stacked with premium sliced turkey breast; mayo, American cheese, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes.

Turkey Ranch Melt…$8.69
A delicious mound of turkey topped with provolone cheese, crispy bacon, ranch dressing, mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

Ham & Swiss…$8.69
Savory ham all curled up with Swiss cheese mounded with fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

A delicious mound of corned beef piled with sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese and Russian dressing. Served on toasted rye bread.

The Kahuna-Tuna... $8.49
A tasty blend of tuna, onion, celery, and other secret ingredients, served with lettuce and tomato piled on fresh sub style roll.

*Hawaii 5-0…$9.29
“Cook’em Danno!” Juicy beef burger or marinated grilled chicken strips topped with melted provolone, a grilled slice of pineapple, red onions, and a sweet & sour Polynesian barbeque sauce.

Classic BLT…$8.29
Crispy delicious bacon is the backbone of this great sandwich. Mayo, leaf lettuce, and fresh tomatoes served on toasted whole wheat round out this classic!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich…$8.69
Marinated grilled chicken strips topped with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and honey-mustard dressing makes this a healthy way to enjoy lunch.

BBQ Pork…$8.69
Tangy North Carolina pork warmed on a fresh Sesame seed bun.  Enjoy it plain or “all-the-way” (coleslaw and Texas Pete hot sauce).  

Helo-Ham & Cheese Melt…$8.69
Hot ham & bacon under melted provolone served on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato and honey mustard dressing.

All-American Hot Dog…$6.29
Perfectly grilled all-beef hot dog served on a  fresh bun.  Served either plain, with chili or sauerkraut. 


Potato Salad… 1.50

Mixed Fruit…$1.50

Cole Slaw…$1.50

Potato Chips…$1.50


Children’s Meal…$6.49
Choice of a Hot Dog, or a Kid’s Turkey or Grilled Cheese sandwich, chips, and a juice-box!
(for children 10 and under only)


(12 oz. can w/ cup of ice)
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero & Pibb Plus

Ice Tea…$.1.69
(sweet or un-sweet—free refills) 

Bottled Water…$.1.50 
(12 oz bottle) 

Coffee (free refills) … $1.69

Hot Tea … $ 1.69

Hot Cocoa … $ 1.50


(Usually cake or pie.  Please ask for selection and price)

Freshly Baked Cookies … $1.00 each or 2 cookies for $1.75
Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chunk or Macadamia Nut

Ice Cream Sundaes ... $4.95
Strawberry, Chocolate, or Carmel with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry

**Thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs fish,pork,lamb,poultry or shellfish reduces the risk of foodborne illness.  Individuals with certain health conditions may be at higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked.  Consult your physician or public health office for further information.